Upcycle system

We offer the innovative Upcycle system. This unique program is available to all of our customers and will allow you to size up to the next bigger bike as your child is outgrowing theirs. 


What is Upcycling? 

By obtaining our Upcycle membership once, we will reimburse 40% of the original bike purchase price. If you purchase a new Woombike within 24 months of the original purchase, we will offer a fair and simple exchange program. All you have to do is return the old bike to us when buying the new one. The returned bike needs to be in "normal" condition - Upcycling is based on a Fair Use basis. Keep your receipt or invoice as proof of membership.


Objective of the Upcycle Program:

Size and fit is important. We offer you an easy way to size-up your child's bike and take the hassle out of the process.


If you are about to cycle up, please follow the following procedure:

1. You need an Upcycling Membership to participate.

2. When purchasing the higher model in our web shop, please note the order number of the bike to be returned in the comment field, e.g. “upcycling #3445”

3. After receiving your new bike and once you feel like returning the old one, please use the return form. Please don’t forget your bank account details!

4. We will check the bike after receiving it and transfer the Upcycling value on you bank account.

What condition do we expect the bike to be in?


Upcycling is based on Fair Use. What does that mean? We believe in a trusted relationship with our customers and expect a roadworthy bike. The bike should be in an acceptable condition, suitable for further usage by children.



What happens to the used Upcycling bikes?

Upcycled bikes are sold on willhaben.at only.