Size and Fit

Size and Fit is easy! - All you have to do is follow this table:

  WOOM Nr.
Size Height 82-100 cm 33-39" 95-110 cm 37-43" 105-120 cm 41-49" 115-130 cm 47-53" 125-145 cm  50-57" 140-165 cm 55-65"
Size Age 1,5 - 3,5 years 3-4,5 years 4-6 years 6-8 years 7-11 years 10-14 years
Minimum seat height* in mm 258 430 490 550 670 740

minimum stand over height*

in mm 177 350 435 500 630 690


The right size

5 cm at a size of 1 m is a different relationship than 5 cm to 1.80 m high adults. Keep in mind that first of all the child has to propel a too heavy bike and that way the frustration limit can be reached quickly. Second the child will not learn the optimal control over the bike during starting and stopping.We wish your child please of driving a precisely adapted bike.

* When measuring your child's inseam, please add 2-3 cm to this number. Reason: They will be on their tippy toes when starting and stopping to ride


You can't decide between Woom 2 and Woom 3?

Choosing the right size depends on several factors: body size, previous experience on a balance / pedal bike, skill and many more. If your child does not have any experience with a pedal bike and falls within the recommended size of Woom 2, we recommend that you definitely take Woom 2 as first bike
If your kid can already ride a bike your child and is slightly below the recommended size for Woom 3, then your child will be able to drive on the Woom 3.