What happens to the used Upcycling bikes?

The upcycled bikes - if available -  are sold on www.willhaben.at and in the Viennese region.

The bike is not available - what can I do?

If the bike is not available in our online shop at the moment, we advise you to order as soon as possible. Then we can reserve the bike for you.

An exemple: If the bike is available "Lieferbar September", you can order in now and pay in the first days of September - the bike is delivered as soon as it is available in our stock.

Bikes that are "sold out" are not available and can not be preordered.

When do I get my bike?

The bikes that are on stock ship immediatly after we register your payment, the delivery within Europe takes 3-5 working days.

The Woombike was delivered. Now what should I do?

Using the enclosed assembly instructions you should be able to make a few simple steps to prepare the Woombike for riding. Additionally here you can find detailed help for assembling the Woombikes in English:


Do I need to order the Upcycle membership together with the bicycle?

No. The Upcycle membership can be purchased at any time. If the Upcycle membership is to be bought separately from the bike, upon its purchase please note in the comment field the order number of the bicycle, for which the Upcycling should be applied to. Upcycle

What should I do to get my new Upcycle bike?


My child is missing a few centimeters to the larger model. Should we take directly the larger?

5 cm at a size of 1 m is a different relationship than 5 cm to 1.80 m high adults. The same applies to the weight. The child should be able to stand and drive stably, so that it has as much as possible control at all time. We generally advise you to stick to our age / size limitations. If you are still uncertain about the choice of the correct bike size, call us at 0043/681 818 74403 or send us an email.


Can I pay by credit card?

Yes! For credit card payment, please choose Paypal.


How is the bike delivered?


Our bicycles are delivered in a way that everyone without any experience can make the Woombike roadworthy in a few simple steps. All brakes and even gears are perfectly assembled, so no adjustment work is needed! Every bike is enclosed with a wrench for the pedals and an allen key to tighten the needed screws. Easily understandable assembly instructions guide you through every step. These can be found for the respective bicycle on our  Downloads section.



What should I do if I have a technical problem after buying a bicycle?

Please call us anytime at ++43 2243 20044 or send us an email to woom@woombikes.com - We will help you immediately without any bureaucracy! We spare no expense or effort to get you ready for driving again!


Why don't we offer foot brakes on our bikes?

The foot brake may make nice skid marks on the pavement. However, it has major disadvantages when compared to hand brakes:
1. Starting the ride is only possible when the pedal is at the 1 o´clock position and the crank may get stuck in the kickstand
2. An emergency stop is only possible whenever one of the pedals is positioned at the 1 o ´clock position while riding. This contains significant risks as the child can only perform an emergency stop whenever the pedal is in the right position. In case the pedal is in not in the correct position in an emergency situation, your child might not be able to brake adequately.
3. Your child will have handbrakes sooner rather than later. We already offer our strider bike with a rear break. Introducing the concept of using the break will make their life much easier in the long run and most important of all, much safer. Especially important is the front brake, which delivers the braking power. Learning how to work both brakes is essential for children as they grow up.
Our balance bike as well as 14" and 16" bikes have special "small-hand reach" brake levers, which enable children with very small hands to brake comfortably and without letting go of the handlebars.


One of our test rider Nelly is 4 years old and relatively short for age (height of 39"). She is stopping her 14" bike very easily and without efforts using the "small-hand reach" brake.



Why don't the bikes have a classic chain guard?

With the double chain guard rings, the chain is protected from coming off and the child - from injury. Our double chain guard provides complete protection and is more secure than an ordinary plastic chain guard, since in case of falling no dangerous fragments can be created.


Why can I not buy training wheels from you?

The children do not need training wheels, if they have previously started riding on a balance bike. The balance bicycle teaches the most important thing: to keep your balance. After that only the pedaling has to be learned. This happens very quickly - a little patience and after accompanying the child about 5 minutes on a slightly sloping street, the child learns to ride a bike - we guarantee it!


We have very good experiences with children who start biking. Training wheels are rather a step in the wrong direction. For this reason we do not offer this.


How do I best teach my child to ride a bicycle?

Here you can find an excellent report about the "Learn cycling" topic: